Sunday, February 5, 2012

Long weekend

Banyak betul public holiday di Malaysia ni. This week going to be a long weekend from Saturday until Tuesday. Many people are happy when it comes to a long weekend, unfortunately not for me. Beta sedang rush fo many things. I am not be able to go for long weekend sbb terlalu banyak benda nak kena kejar. It's OK, beta take it positive way.

Beta pun dah cuti lama haritu (although minus my annual leave only 4 day tapi beta dah cuti about 10 days in a line). Dah lama beta tak cuti panjang macam tu. Balance carry forward cuti dari last year pun banyak lagi ade 38 days and tambah lagi 20 days this year accumulate to 58 days! Banyak nye balance cuti nak buat apa tatau. May be dalam masa terdekat ni beta tak boleh nak cuti2 sgt lagi sebab beta nak kena focus on my biggest portfolio which needs a lot of attention.

Yesterday, beta sempat la spend masa jogging in KLCC park and then petang jogging lagi di Laman Perdana Putrajaya. Sengaja spend times untuk kesihatan. Beta pun kerap sakit lately. May be stress and pressure from many angle yang membuatkan beta sering sakit. Then ada kesempatan pergi brunch di Anis Corner. Lama Beta tak pergi makan nasi kerabu di sini.

Let's catch up what happen last week? It was a tiring day. Beta day trip to Singapore for business trip. Beta ada meetings and then event to attend in the evening and fly back to KL at night. The best part is, all meetings and event happen in airport itself. It is easier so I don't have to travel to city.

Nothing interesting to talk about meetings anyway, about the event beta attended that evening was interesting. Beta yang beta attend was Grand Launch "Vine and Leaf" outlets in Changi T2. This outlets is baru buka and selling Wine and Ciggar, mainly the product offering is Wine. There are so many type of wine with different ranges and vintage. Beta pun have no idea about wines just a courtesy to Gebr. Heinemann for the invitiation. Apa yang menarik? Selain dari concept of the outlets, I just love the innovative elements yang Heinemann create within the outlets.

Infront of the enterance, there is table with a big touch screen. It is interactive touch screen yang mana bila lama tak di sentuh, akan keluar leaf on the screen and kita wipe the leafs and then daun-daun tu akan berterbangan.. and keluar 3 mini screen (or papers) on sreen. We can search for all the information regarding the Wines in the outlets from the Vintage Card, Wine Rating, Price and a lot more. Beta rasa dah mcm dlm cerita Matrix pula bila guna screen tu.

Table that provide big touchscreen as I mentioned

Loks like we are in movie Matrix kan?

Not only that, every rack they provide dengan sebuah lagi screen to search item for that particular rack. Bagus kan? Well, technology become more and more advance.

These three bottles of wines important directly from the wine house cost s$88,000, from year 1949

Before balik, sempat la beta menghantar beberapa e-Postcard from one of the Interactive area provided by Changi Airport. There are many activities that we can do in Changi. To be asian transit hub memang patut Changi provide all this to the passangers. We can't company with KLIA because we are destination airport not a transit airport. Anyhow, we are improving time by time...

Unfortunately due to high traffic in Changi, my flight was delayed beta dalam aircraft. Sambil tu beta menghayati beauty of A380 the giant aircraft parked next to my B737-800. Terasa kecil pula jadi nya. hahah! Again, it makes me think mcm mana la technology in 10 years time from now? Wow... Sambil-sambil tu beta asyik melayan Reppunzel movie on my screen! LOL... Without realized beta dah satu jam di dalam aircraft before they get permission to push back the aircraft... total journey dah about 2 hours macam balik Jakarta pula... LOL