Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Treasure Hunt

Last weekend, beta ambil kesempatan join Treasure Hunt from Sepang to Penang. Organized by my company. Four of us in my team yang di kenali sebagai 'Commplot'.

It was really fun sbb team beta sgt happening. Masa flag off je dah kecoh.. LOL! Our fist question was in TTDI and Bandar Sri Damansara before we to the PLUS highway to Bidor and most of the question sampai ke Taiping. Final stop for submission was in R&R Sungi Bakap. We reached 5 minutes late!

After the submission, we proceed to Penang. Before sampai hotel, kami melencong makan sbb kelaparan. Makan apa? Kalau dah sampai penang, of course la Nasi kandar. Infortunately Line Clear tutup, so we end up at Hameediyah. Sedap! To be honest, this is my first time having nasi kandar in Penang. Hehe..

After that we proceed to Hotel di Ferringhi. We stayed at Holiday In.. Surprisingly, the hotel was very nice! Beautifully refurbished hotel.. We reached hotel at 715pm and the dinner shall be started at 730pm. LOL.. Theme for the dinner was Bollywood.

Tibalah masa organizer to break the answer! Out of 30 questions team beta managed menjawab 25 question plus 2 questions for treasure! and...... We got 2nd Runner Up! Wooot wooot... Hadiah berupa Handphone Samsung Galaxy...

After dinner, kami jalan2 around the night market and then decided pergi Gurney. Balik around 2am and beta end up bangun next day at 11am! Haha.. Bangun saja bersiap and checked-out terus ke Hard Rock Penang. After that perut dah berkeroncong. Terus ke Penang pekena Nasi Kandar di Little India. Tak pergi Line Clear sbb people beratur! We are so starving... LOL. After nasi kandar we went to Penang Road Famous cendol and also Laksa! Makan and Makan... LOL

We left Penang around 4pm and alhamdulilah sampai di KL 10pm sbb jalan jammed and hujan. It such a great first treasure hunt experience! Hope to join again next year!

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